Benefiting from Heat Exchangers in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is a necessary byproduct of several different industrial processes, and what happens to the water after it is treated differs depending on each application. In all cases, however, every piece of equipment used affects the quality of the treated water. Whether that water is released back into the environment or sent through a closed loop to be used for other purposes, these affects can be felt far beyond the treatment process itself. To make that process more efficient and reliable, Noren provides a variety of heat exchangers that can help improve wastewater treatment in several ways. (more…)

Protecting Outdoor Electrical Enclosures During the Winter

The good news about cold weather is that it can make electrical cabinet cooling easier, especially for ambient heat exchangers. However, the cold weather, strong winds, and extra moisture can also lead to increased concerns about the integrity of electrical enclosures that operate outdoors. For instance, overheating may be slightly less of a concern, but if an enclosure and its cooling system aren’t properly sealed against the elements, then things like contamination and condensation can become a significantly greater threat. At Noren Products, we offer a wide range of thermal management solutions that are certified to operate in environments that pose unique threats, including conditions that are most common during the winter months. (more…)

Heat Exchangers’ Role in Powering the World

In a world that runs on power, its production and delivery are essential to every aspect of life. Therefore, as heat exchangers continuously change the thermal management field, it’s natural for power companies to take notice and harness the same advantages. Today, heat exchanger technology is used in a variety of applications throughout the power production industry, helping companies streamline operations, lower operating and maintenance costs, and reduce their overall footprints on the environment. (more…)

Heat Exchangers vs. Air Conditioners for Cabinet Cooling

Over the decades, heat exchangers have replaced air conditioning equipment in a variety of thermal management applications, especially for cooling electrical enclosures. However, there may be times when air conditioning could prove a better option. To be sure, the experts at Noren can perform a comprehensive analysis to determine a system’s specific operating needs. Then, considering the relative pros and cons of each option, they can recommend or design the most appropriate thermal management solution. (more…)

The Importance of Thermal Management in Modern Farming

In everything from large farming equipment to food packaging and shipping, thermal management is a vital part of today’s farming industry. To help make the industry a more efficient and eco-friendly one, many farmers are turning to heat exchanger technology for a variety of thermal management needs. From saving costs to increasing yields and improving the quality of the nation’s food supply, heat exchangers continue to play an increasingly more important role in modern farming. (more…)

Correcting Myths About Thermal Management

Despite the fact that thermal management is a vital component in any technology, it’s importance is often misunderstood or completely ignored by engineers who don’t specialize in it. Because of the gap between electronic engineering and thermal management expertise, many myths abound about the role thermal management should play in the design of advanced technology. Today, we take a look at how modern heat exchangers have helped dispel many of those myths, and what that means for today’s advanced thermal management systems. (more…)

How Heat Exchangers Changed Consumer Technology

Manufacturing equipment was a breaking ground for heat exchangers and their advanced thermal management concepts. By largely eliminating the need for clunky air conditioning equipment, heat exchangers allowed companies throughout the manufacturing industry to cool vital electrical systems more efficiently. On a grander scale, however, heat exchanger technology has also played a tangible role in the everyday lives of consumers, propelling the advancement of powerful consumer technology such as laptops, cellphones, gaming consoles, and much more. (more…)

What Thermal Management Means In Different Industries

Thermal management has been Noren’s specialty for over four decades. For companies that rely on the most efficient and effective technology, the solutions that Noren produces exceed expectations in more than just cooling electrical control panels. Today, effectively controlling, transferring, and utilizing heat is vital to a wide range of processes, and heat exchangers can be designed specifically to make these processes more efficient and eco-friendly. (more…)

Do Heat Exchangers Make Food Manufacturing Safer?

Heat exchangers are well-known for making thermal management simpler for manufacturing equipment and a variety of other processes. They also make maintaining such equipment safer for employees by utilizing simpler equipment and requiring less maintenance than conventional air conditioning. For industries such as food and beverage manufacturing, which rely on effective thermal management for a wide variety of situations, heat exchangers can also give companies the ability to make most processes safer.  From providing eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions to reducing the risks of contamination, heat exchangers are becoming an increasingly vital part of modern food and beverage production. (more…)

The Best Way to Cool a NEMA-Certified Enclosure

In general, maintaining the integrity of the air inside of an electrical enclosure is vital to preventing contamination and the hazards it can cause. For many applications, however, it’s more than good sense—it’s a requirement under safety regulations provided by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). To meet those regulations, electrical enclosures that operate in areas where the risks of contamination or other environmental hazards are high often rely on Noren’s line of specially certified heat exchangers. Combining decades of experience in thermal management with advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, Noren’s NEMA-class thermal management solutions can offer the most effective way to cool enclosures in hazardous areas. (more…)