Need Better Thermal Management? Consider Heat Exchangers

Throughout history, organizations have automatically considered the high costs of electrical cooling a necessary burden. For instance, control panels and large-scale electrical enclosures only work if a cooling system is present to stop the equipment from overheating. If that means paying exorbitant energy and maintenance costs, then so be it. However, heat exchangers have changed the way organizations view thermal management, making it possible to save costs without sacrificing the ability to prevent electrical overheating. With custom-made heat exchangers from Noren Products, companies in all types of industries are able to enjoy better, more reliable, and more cost-effective thermal management solutions. (more…)

Electrical Control Panel Cooling with Ecofriendly Heat Exchangers

Electrical control panels are utilized for a large variety of applications and systems. Though they vary in size and purpose, all control panels share one vital characteristic—they emit electrical waste heat that must be transferred to avoid electrical overheating. Heat exchangers have long been a go-to option for control panel cooling because they offer highly efficient and greener solutions compared to traditional air conditioners. At Noren, our lineup of innovative thermal management products continues to help all industries enjoy the benefits of energy efficient, ecofriendly heat exchangers. (more…)

Efficient, Ruggedized Thermal Management for Military Use

Modern heat exchangers can be found in virtually every industry, and are utilized for an increasingly long list of applications. Noren’s specially certified heat exchangers can even benefit industries that operate in hazardous locations, such as oil and gas refineries or areas where there are large amounts of agricultural dust. Besides protection against harsh environments, however, Noren’s heat exchangers can also be ruggedized to withstand the extreme conditions and treatment that most military equipment goes through. Through ruggedization, we can help ensure that those who serve in our armed forces are equipped with efficient and reliable technology when it matters most. (more…)

How to Cool Control Panels in Hazardous Locations

Cooling electrical control panels and other enclosures has become significantly easier since the advent of heat exchangers. In most industries, replacing conventional cooling methods (such as air conditioning and air compression) with greener, more efficient thermal management solutions has led to incredible reductions in both energy consumption and maintenance costs. Heat exchangers also allow for increased productivity while simultaneously lowering a facility’s environmental footprint. Today, one of the greatest advantages of heat exchangers is that they can now be employed even in hazardous locations. Thanks to Noren’s extensive expertise and advanced manufacturing processes, our heat exchangers are certified to provide efficient thermal management under the harshest conditions. (more…)

Prototyping Heat Exchanger Designs for Optimal Efficiency

Even the most precise thermal management designs can sometimes underperform once they’ve been integrated into an electrical system. The dimensions of the cooling unit may not fit as snugly as imagined, or it may be situated too closely to sensitive electrical components. Noren not only offers innovative custom-design and in-house manufacturing, but also thorough design analysis and rapid prototyping with 3D printing to avoid thermal management problems that may arise after production. (more…)

How Heat Exchangers Boost Agriculture

As the world’s population continues to grow, agricultural industries across the globe have to continue adapting to meet its burgeoning needs. When equipment fails or becomes damaged beyond repair, the failure can have ripple effects throughout the rest of a country’s economy, not to mention the impact on its food supplies. At Noren products, we know that even small details can have monumental consequences, and those consequences are higher in the field of agriculture than they are in many other industries. (more…)

Food & Beverage Manufacturing with Heat Exchangers

The methods of growing, cultivating, processing, and packaging food and beverages has advanced greatly over the centuries. From farms to large-scale manufacturers and retailers, technology has streamlined food and beverage production and every industry related to it. A significant factor in this technological advancement has been the development and application of innovative thermal management solutions, such as heat exchangers. By employing heat exchangers, the food & beverage industry has been able to significantly reduce energy costs and improve safety in many food processing procedures, all while helping facilities lower their environmental footprints. (more…)

Science vs. Power: The Advantages of Phase-Change Cooling

Electrical systems generate heat as they operate. Because many electrical circuits are enclosed to protect them from harmful contaminants, that waste heat can easily accumulate into pockets and damage sensitive electrical components. Electrical enclosures must remain cool to operate properly, and conventional methods such as air conditioning, which require excessive amounts of power, are not always financially or operationally viable. By contrast, modern heat exchangers utilize scientific processes, such as phase-change cooling, to provide consistent thermal management without drawing on large amounts of energy. (more…)

A Closer Look at Heat Pipes

When it comes to effectively cooling control panels and other electrical enclosures, Noren Products offers several solutions according to each application’s unique specifications. For many applications, heat pipes have quickly become the go-to option for thermal management in a variety of industries. With their combination of energy-efficiency and minimal maintenance needs, heat pipes are among the most versatile heat spreaders, and can be designed to meet the space and thermal management needs of virtually any system. (more…)

Advancing Aviation and Aerospace with Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers have long been a conduit for advancement in other technological areas, especially in aviation and the aerospace industry. The principles of heat exchanger technology involve effectively and efficiently transferring heat, either to dissipate it safely away from sensitive electrical equipment or to repurpose the collected thermal energy for other important processes. In the field of aviation, heat exchangers serve a wide variety of purposes, keeping fuel safely cooled to accommodating increased amounts of waste heat due to continuously advancing technology. At Noren, incorporating innovative thermal management solutions of all kinds have been a specialty for decades, and our heat exchanger technology continues to help facilitate advancement in the aerospace industry. (more…)